Saturday, August 1, 2009

Book Review: "Straight From The Hip" by Susan Mallery

Book Review: "Straight From The Hip" by Susan Mallery

Book Description:

Sometimes the greatest risks bring the greatest rewards….

Izzy has always been the fearless Titan sister. But when an oil rig blows up, leaving her barely able to see, her sisters find themselves as concerned by her emotional withdrawal as by the possibility that the explosion was no accident. Are the mind games their long-lost brother Garth has been playing turning physical? Or is someone else out to get them? When her sisters enroll her in a survivor training camp, Izzy is not happy. Though Nick, her instructor, is determined that she won't be left in the dark. In more ways than one. But if he tells her the terrible truth behind why he's helping her, he'll probably never see her again. Unless they're both willing to take the biggest risk of all.

This is the third in the "Lone Star Sisters" series. I was hesitant to read this as the last Susan Mallery series I read I was very disappointed in the plot in the last book. But then I read that there is a fourth book so I relaxed a little. =) I enjoyed this book. This is Izzy's story. I really like how the other characters are still interacting in the future books. The next book comes out in November and it is the sisters' friend Dana. Reading the synopsis...... I don't know..... I am going to TRY and read it with and open mind..... =) I promise.

Happy Reading!

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