Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

Any reading resolutions?

I hope to read more than last year and hope to have more followers this year on the blog. 

Happy Reading!!!

Book Review: "Notorious Nineteen" by Janet Evanovich

Book Description:
After a slow summer of chasing low-level skips for her cousin Vinnie’s bail bonds agency, Stephanie Plum finally lands an assignment that could put her checkbook back in the black. Geoffrey Cubbin, facing trial for embezzling millions from Trenton’s premier assisted-living facility, has mysteriously vanished from the hospital after an emergency appendectomy. Now it’s on Stephanie to track down the con man. Unfortunately, Cubbin has disappeared without a trace, a witness, or his money-hungry wife. Rumors are stirring that he must have had help with the daring escape...or that maybe he never made it out of his room alive. Since the hospital staff’s lips seem to be tighter than the security, and it’s hard for Stephanie to blend in to assisted living, Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur goes in undercover. But when a second felon goes missing from the same hospital, Stephanie is forced into working side by side with Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, in order to crack the case.

The real problem is, no Cubbin also means no way to pay the rent. Desperate for money -- or maybe just desperate -- Stephanie accepts a secondary job guarding her secretive and mouthwatering mentor Ranger from a deadly Special Forces adversary. While Stephanie is notorious for finding trouble, she may have found a little more than she bargained for this time around. Then again -- a little food poisoning, some threatening notes, and a bridesmaid’s dress with an excess of taffeta never killed anyone... or did they? If Stephanie Plum wants to bring in a paycheck, she’ll have to remember: No guts, no glory. . . .
My thoughts:
This the nineteenth book in the series (duh right!!).  If you have made it this far in the series - congrats!  Half the people I have talked to have given up because of the flip flopping of Ranger and Morelli.  I guess after nineteen books it would get dull, but in my opinion it doesn't. 
Did I still laugh while reading?  Yes.

Did I finish it within a day?  Well I just had surgery when I read it so it took me a little longer, but still was a hard to put down book.
I still enjoy the series.  I will continue reading them.  I love the characters and the way the author makes me laugh. 
This is one of two series I have kept on my 'keeper' shelf.  This series and Debbie Macomber's "Cedar Cove" series. 
If you have read this series - what do you think? 
Happy Reading!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Merry Christmas Eve to the five readers I seem to have with every post!!  =)

Hopefully in 2013 I can double that!!!  ha ha

I am thankful for every one of you!

Happy Reading!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Book Review: "Merry Ex-Mas" by Sheila Roberts

Book Description:

Cass Wilkes, owner of the Gingerbread Haus bakery, was looking forward to her daughter Danielle's wedding -- until Dani announced that she wants her father, Cass's ex, to walk her down the aisle. Seriously? Even worse, it appears that he, his trophy wife and their yappy little dog will be staying with Cass…. — Her friend Charlene Albach arrives at their weekly chick-flick night in shock. She's just seen the ghost of Christmas past: her ex-husband, Richard, who left a year ago when he ran off with the hostess from her restaurant, Zelda's. Now the hostess is history and he wants to kiss and make up. Hide the mistletoe!

And bring out the hot buttered rum, because the holidays aren't easy for Ella O'Brien, either. Ella, newly divorced, is still sharing the house with her ex while they wait for the place to sell. The love is gone. Isn't it?

But watch as Christmas brings all kinds of surprises….Merry Ex-mas, ladies!!

This is the second in the "Icicle Falls" series.  I enjoyed the first one, but I think I liked this one even more.  The book follows some more characters of Icicle Falls.  This was another book where I felt I was a part of the book.  I love it when I can read and feel a part of the book.

While I was reading, I kept thinking they were 'my friends' and what would I do if one of my friends were to have these situations arise.   I kept wondering how each little 'story' with each of the characters would end up.  A couple I guessed.  A couple I didn't guess.

At any rate, I am looking forward to the next in the series.

Sheila Roberts is a fairly new author to me.  I received this book as part of her 'fan club.'  If you like Susan Mallery, Susan Wiggs, Debbie Macomber, try Sheila Roberts.  Very good!

Happy Reading!  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Review: "An Angel for Christmas" by Heather Graham

Book Description:

A snowy mountainside... A starry night... The makings of a miracle... Christmas has never brought out the best in the MacDougal family. Still, year after year they gather together in the Blue Ridge Mountains to try to make the season merry and bright. But this year is an especially strained one, with Shayne's impending divorce, Morwenna's slavish devotion to work and Bobby's reluctance to face what life has to offer. They've never felt less like a family. Then, in the midst of a snowy sibling shouting match, a mysterious stranger appears. He could be a criminal, a madman-or something far more unexpected. Despite their fears and the growing danger in the dark woods around them, the MacDougals take a leap of faith. But when another stranger arrives on the mountainside, they don't know which of them to believe. One of these men can't be trusted. And one is about to bring Christmas into their hearts.

I believe this is the first book I have read by this author. 

This was a nice quick read.  I loved the family dynamic - it wasn't the 'perfect' family - you got to know what quirks each of the family member has.  Then you get to see how the author ties it all together to make it a great 'feel good' Christmas story. 

There was a little suspense and a little romance - both not too heavy.  The storyline kept moving enough where you didn't want to put the book down because you wanted to know what would happen next and how it would all tie in together.

I will definitely look for other books by this author.

Happy Reading!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Review: "Carolina Home"

Book Description:

Meet the Fletchers of Dare Island — Steady Matt, the son who stayed — Ambitious Meg, the daughter who never looked back — And rebel Luke, the Marine who thought he'd never return... — Home to the Fletcher family for generations, Dare Island is a fishing village rocked by changing times-its traditions slipping away like the sands of the North Carolina coast. Single dad and fishing boat captain Matt Fletcher deferred his own dreams to support his innkeeper parents and build a future for his sixteen-year-old son. Matt has learned to weather life's storms by steering a steady emotional course...and keeping a commitment-free approach to love.

Newcomer Allison Carter came to Dare Island to escape the emotional demands of her wealthy family. The young teacher aims to build a life here, to make a lasting place for herself. She doesn't want to be another in the long line of Women Who Once Dated Matt Fletcher. It's both tempting and dangerous to believe she can be something more.

Then Matt's brother Luke makes a sudden return home, with a child of his own-and a request that will change all their lives. With a child's welfare at stake, Matt must turn to Allison to teach him to let go of the past, open his eyes...and follow his heart.

My thoughts:

This is another "first author" for me.  I can't remember where I heard of this book.  It was probably Paperback Swap.  Or it could have been a Doubleday Book Club form.  Anyhow...

This is the first in the series titled "Dare Island."  We are introduced to the Fletchers.  This book is centered on Matt.  We are introduced to the other family members, opening up their turn I am sure in the series.

As I was reading this book, I really didn't get into it at first.  I felt a little forced upon with everyone.  After about a third of the way through the book, the plot started getting better.  I was more involved in the story and the characters.  By the end, I thought "What???? It is done already??"  I thought it was an abrupt ending, but everything was resolved so to speak.

Will I try the next one?  Yes.  I would give this book 2 3/4 stars.  =)

Happy Reading!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Review: "Return to Willow Lake" by Susan Wiggs

Book Description:

Sonnet Romano's life is almost perfect. She has the ideal career, the ideal boyfriend, and has just been offered a prestigious fellowship. There's nothing more a woman wants -- except maybe a baby…brother? — When Sonnet finds out her mother is unexpectedly expecting, and that the pregnancy is high risk, she puts everything on hold -- the job, the fellowship, the boyfriend -- and heads home to Avalon. Once her mom is out of danger, Sonnet intends to pick up her life where she left off.

But when her mother receives a devastating diagnosis, Sonnet must decide what really matters in life, even if that means staying in Avalon and taking a job that forces her to work alongside her biggest, and maybe her sweetest, mistake -- award-winning filmmaker Zach Alger. So Sonnet embarks on a summer of laughter and tears, of old dreams and new possibilities, and of finding the home of her heart.

My thoughts:

This is another series I enjoy reading.  It reminds me a lot of Debbie Macomber's "Cedar Cove" series, but this author does more of focusing on the characters she is featuring and less 'updates' on past feature characters.  The author makes it work though.

When reading the previous book, "Marrying Daisy Bellamy" I was left with unanswered questions.  Unfortunately these questions were still left unanswered.  This has left me wondering.... was it just me that had these unanswered questions?

Besides that, I did enjoy 'returning to Willow Lake' - it has been awhile. =)  I liked coming back to the characters and Willow Lake and Camp Kioga.  The feelings with Sonnet and Zach had/have for each other back and forth was fun to read. 

I can't wait for the next installment to this series.  Maybe my questions will be answered. =)

Happy Reading!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review: "The Lovesick Cure" by Pamela Morsi

Book Description:

What do you do when your groom gets cold feet and the hots for someone else? For Jesse Winsloe, the answer is clear: head into hiding. Instead of using her layoff at work to plan bridesmaid dresses and bouquets, Jesse flees to Onery Cabin to lick her wounds with her ancient aunt Will, a folk-remedy granny woman who knows the secret to caring for the lovelorn.  Sure, Onery Cabin may be right out of Hollywood's Lifestyles of the Poor and Hillbilly, but Marrying Stone Mountain has its charm-including the local physician's assistant, Piney Baxley, a past recipient of Aunt Will's pungent "heartbreak poultice."  Between Aunt Will's folk remedies and the spice of a "no strings attached" romance, Jess is beginning to think she's found her own brand of lovesick cure. Because there's nothing like a pinch of confidence and a dash of attraction to mend a broken heart

My thoughts:

This the first book I have read by this author.  I LOVED it!  What a great book.  It was a little different that what I am used to in the terms of romance books as most of my books.  I really can't describe it.  Maybe it was the 'hillbilly' background.  Either way it worked.

The dynamics between the main character Jesse and her Aunt Will was great.  I loved their interactions with each other and how Aunt Will was loved by all. 

The relationship that Jesse starts with the town PA was exciting.  Something they both needed in their lives.

I will be looking for more books by this author to read in the future.

Happy Reading!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Review: "Cake on a Hot Tin Roof"

Book Description:

Pastry chef Rita Lucero's Mardi Gras party turns funereal when one of her guests is found dead after a public fight with her uncle -- leaving Rita no choice but to find the real killer and clear her uncle's name...  

My thoughts:

Not much of a description huh?  LOL!!  Well this is the second in the series and when I started to read this book, I realized this.  Well when I was done with this book, I went to take the first one off my TBR shelf only to realize I read it a year ago!!  It wasn't that memorable.  I didn'r really care for the first book.  But my review on Paperback Swap said I was willing to give the second one a shot, so that must be why I had the second one on my shelf .  Oh boy!

On with my review.  I liked this one a lot better than apparently I liked the first one.  This book was hard to put down.  I really enjoyed the mingling of the characters and the storyline.  It wasn't one of those cozies where you are laughing throughout, but it was a nice book.  I can't say it was a highly favorite book either, but I will continue to read the series.  

Happy Reading!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review: "Amazing Gracie" By Sherryl Woods

Book Description:

Three of Gracie MacDougal's last four boyfriends proposed marriage--to other women. But through all her heartbreaks, she has excelled at one thing--her job as a luxury hotel executive. Until she loses that, too. Now, one man stands between her and the old Victorian house she wants to transform into a bed and breakfast. And they're both about to discover that business is a lot more fun when it's mixed with the pleasure of love.

 When Gracie MacDougal returns to Seagull Point, Virginia, seeking to reform her workaholic ways, she discovers more than relaxation. The picturesque town calls to her, as does the waterfront Victorian house she envisions as the perfect bed-and-breakfast. But one person stands between Gracie and her new goal…and he isn't budging.

Southern charmer Kevin Daniels isn't interested in selling Gracie's dream house, but he's definitely interested in something else…her. Enticing the uptight businesswoman into letting down her hair becomes his new mission in life, but beyond that? He already has way too many people depending on him, and has no intention of adding one more.

Gracie's not looking for a home. Kevin's not looking for a wife. But sometimes even the best intentions can wind up going wonderfully awry.

My thoughts:

What a refreshing book.  It doesn't come around too often where you can find a stand alone book.   This one is, although if she wanted to, the author could make it into a series with the other characters being the focus.

What I liked about this book was the characters - I love being drawn into a book and feeling part of the story.  It has been awhile since I have read a Sherryl Woods back and I missed her writing.  

This was a nice quick read.  Lots of smiles and good thoughts throughout the book.

Happy Reading!!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Book Review: "The Inn at Rose Harbor" By Debbie Macomber

Book Description:

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber comes a heartwarming new series based in the Pacific Northwest town of Cedar Cove, where a charming cast of characters finds love, forgiveness, and renewal behind the doors of the cozy Rose Harbor Inn. — — Jo Marie Barlow first arrives in Cedar Cove seeking a sense of peace and a fresh start. Coping with the death of her husband, she purchases a local bed-and-breakfast?the newly christened Rose Harbor Inn?ready to begin her life anew. Yet the inn holds more surprises than Jo Marie can imagine.

Her first guest is Joshua Weaver, who has come home to care for his ailing stepfather. The two have never seen eye to eye, and Joshua has little hope that they can reconcile their differences. But a long-lost acquaintance from Joshua?s high school days proves to him that forgiveness is never out of reach and love can bloom even where it?s least expected.

The other guest is Abby Kincaid, who has returned to Cedar Cove to attend her brother?s wedding. Back for the first time in twenty years, she almost wishes she hadn?t come, the picturesque town harboring painful memories from her past. And while Abby reconnects with family and old friends, she realizes she can only move on if she truly allows herself to let go.

A touching novel of life?s grand possibilities and the heart?s ability to heal, The Inn at Rose Harbor is a welcome introduction to an unforgettable set of friends.

My thoughts:

I almost stopped reading after two chapters.  It was very 'paranormal' for me - I had to relook at the cover because it sure didn't sound like a Debbie Macomber.

Then starting with Chapter 3 it seemed more like a Debbie Macomber book.  She did reintroduce a couple of Cedar Cove characters that I loved!!!

But.... half way to two-thirds the way through the book, it happened again with another character - the paranormal thing....UGH!  But by then I was already invested in the book.  

I did like the rest of the book.  But was very disappointed in the way this one took to the paranormal

Will I read the next one?  Yes.  I will give her one more chance. =) 

Happy Reading!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Book Review: "Sealed WIth A Kiss" by Carly Phillips

Book Description:

On the outside, Molly Gifford has it all -- a hot legal career and Daniel Hunter, her equally hot boyfriend.  But what she really wants is a family.  So when she discovers her real father, she doesn't hesitate to pack her bags.  Even though it means leaving her old life behind.... — A year later Daniel Hunter's still trying to get on with his life.  Then Molly shows up at his door, begging for help.  Her newfound father is under arrest for murder, and she's convinced Hunter is the only attorney with the skill and reputation to get him off.

Hunter can't resist helping an innocent man.  But this time he'll be the one walking away -- even if it breaks both their hearts to do it....

My thoughts:

This was the second (and the last that I know of ha ha) in the "Ty/Hunter" series.  This one focuses on Daniel and Molly.  Ty and Lacey are still a part of the book, so don't fret. =)

In the previous book, Cross My Heart   (click to see review) - you met Daniel and got a little bit of his history.  Molly was also a part of the book, but you see her as a main character along with David in this book.  

The chemistry with Daniel and Molly was undeniable.  Watching (well reading) them break down their own personal barriers kept me from putting the book down.  Without giving spoilers - loved the family dynamics for Molly and liked how Daniel became a part of it through his job helping Molly.

I was sad to see the series end, but I know not all series have to be LONG!  =)

Happy Reading!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picking Your Next Book

How do you pick your next book?

I was pondering this before starting "Cross Your Heart" by Carly Phillips.  I really wanted to pick a stand alone book and realized I don't have a lot of them on my TBR.  I have a LOT of series.  As you can see, I started yet another series, but I am ok with that because it is only a two book series.  =)  See my rationale?  ha ha

Seriously - when you pick out a series - do you read until you are 'up to date' or done with the series?  I have to say I do both.  With this series I am reading now, I am reading it back to back, but with other series - I read when the mood strikes. 

I love the "Virgin River" series but I can't see myself reading ALL those back to back to catch up. 

I think I am just all over the place with this one.  Am I the only one?

Book Review: "Cross My Heart" by Carly Phillips

Book Description:

Lacey Kincaid is a classic New York success story. As the owner of Odd Jobs, she's gone from rags to riches?sort of. Because Lacey's harboring a secret -- she was born Lillian Dumont, and spent her childhood with a silver spoon in her mouth, until the deaths of her wealthy parents and the evil schemes of an abusive uncle forced her to take drastic measures. She'd never planned to return to her former life or her abandoned identity -- but when her childhood sweetheart, Ty, resurfaces and urges her to claim her rightful inheritance, she decides that maybe being the Dumont heiress wouldn't be so bad. Lacey's uncle doesn't see it that way, though -- and he's willing to do anything to stop her.

Now, it's up to Ty to protect Lacey before that silver spoon becomes a silver bullet. But if they live through this, the future's looking bright for this downtown guy and his brand-new uptown girl!

This is book one of a 2 part series revolving Ty, Hunder, and Lacey/Lilly.  These three grew up together and share a secret.  The secret is forced out by Lilly/Lacey's uncle trying to get her trust fund.

Ok that sounds like a cheesy beginning, but let me assure you - it is anything but cheesy.  You get thrown into the story right away and you never look back.  The stories with the three now-adults kept you interested in what is happening next.  So enjoyable.  It is one of those - hard to put down books.

It has been awhile since I have read Carly Phillips - once I read this book - I wonder to myself "Why?" 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Review: "Better Than Chocolate" by Sheila Roberts

Book Description:

Sweet Dreams Chocolate Company has been in the Sterling family for generations, ever since Great-Grandma Rose literally dreamed up her first fabulous recipe. But now it looks as if they're about to lose Sweet Dreams to the bank -- and that would be a disaster, not only for the family but for the town of Icicle Falls, Washington. Can Samantha, the oldest daughter and new head of the company, come up with a way to save it?

After Samantha does some brainstorming with her mother and sisters, inspiration strikes. They'll have a chocolate festival! Time's running out, but the Sterling women are determined and the town's behind them, so everything's bound to go smoothly….

Or not. Events seem to be conspiring against Samantha, and her mother's attempts to help aren't helping. To make matters worse, the fate of her company is in the hands of her archenemy, Blake Preston, the bank manager with the football-hero good looks. It's enough to drive her to chocolate. But Blake's also enough to convince her that (believe it or not) there's something even better than chocolate.

My thoughts:

This is the first in the "Icicle Falls" series.  Wow!  What a great book!!!  I have enjoyed all the books that I have read by this author.  This one didn't disappoint.  The family dynamics were great in this book.  I loved how the family pulls together to save the family business. 

The writing of the book is great.  I love to feel a part of the story as a reader and this book did it for me.

There are recipes also included in the book.  YUM!  It made me hungry for chocolate no matter what time of day I read the book.

Haven't heard of Sheila Roberts?  She writes on the same lines as Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, Robyn Carr, etc.  Give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.

I can't wait for the next one in the series!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Beach Club" by Elin Hilderbrand

Book Description:

Gorgeous Nantucket is an island where memories are made, friendships begun, passions ignited. Now, during one unforgettable summer, the exclusive Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel will shape the fates of the men and women who walk through its doors...Mack Petersen escaped the past and started over in a hotel that has become his life. This summer his secrets can't stay hidden. Love O'Donnell, a glamorous Aspen native, takes a job at the Beach Club to implement her life plan--to find a man to get her pregnant. Vance Robbins has his African-American pride and festering resentments. This season, a gun and a woman offer him a chance to get even with the man he hates most. Cecily Elliott, the owner's daughter, wild and beautiful at eighteen, is about to do something to break her parents' hearts. And Lacey Gardner, the Grande Dame of the Beach Club for 45 years, knows about desperate desire--and about the storm coming that will change everything.The Beach Club, Elin Hilderbrand's first Nantucket novel--the one that started it all--is still the most satisfying read of the summer.

My thoughts:

This book started out slow for me.  I can't pinpoint it - maybe too much description - I don't know.  I just didn't want to read at all.  Or it could have been the mood I was in.  Not sure, but about 1/3 of the way into it I started to get more into it.  The characters were more developed and the story started to come around.  

I liked the description of Nantucket.  I would like to visit - couldn't afford The Beach Club though.  HA HA.  But it sounds like the beautiful place.

The ending - well - I can understand the ending - but at first I wasn't too thrilled with it.  It kind of left it open for another book if she wanted to.  I did read somewhere that this was her first book.  I can see that, as I have read one other book by her.  That book was "Nantucket Nights."  Unfortunately I didn't review it here, but I enjoyed it so much that I have been adding more to my TBR by this author.  =)  By the time I finish her books, as I think most if not all of them are based in Nantucket, I will go visit. =)

Happy Reading


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review "The Lincoln Lawyer" By Michael Connelly

Book Description:

Mickey Haller has spent all his professional life afraid that he wouldn't recognize innocence if it stood right in front of him. But what he should have been on the watch for was evil.Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense pro who operates out of the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car, to defend the clients at the bottom of the legal food chain.

It's no wonder that he is despised by cops, prosecutors, and even some of his own clients. From bikers to con artists to drunk drivers and drug dealers, they're all on Mickey Haller's client list. But when a Beverly Hills rich boy is arrested for brutally beating a woman, Haller has his first high-paying client in years.

It's a franchise case and he's sure it will be a slam dunk in the courtroom. For once, he may be defending a client who is actually innocent. But an investigator is murdered for getting too close to the truth and Haller quickly discovers that his search for innocence has taken him face-to-face with a kind of evil as pure as a flame. To escape without being burned, Haller must use all of his skills to manipulate a system in which he no longer believes.

My thoughts:

I read a review for this book on Ann's Reading Corner. It looked intriguing.  It wasn't my 'typical' genre.  I checked it out from my local library and gave it a shot.

My first thought was it did start out slow.  But it picked up.  Then I couldn't put the book down.  I know there is a movie out from the book.  I have not seen it yet.  I hope to.  I kept picturing Matthew  McConaughey in this role.  I am not so sure that is a good role.  But I am probably wrong.  We will see.  I might post about it after I watch the movie.

Back to the review. =)  I liked the character Mickey Haller.  His relationship with his ex-wife's had me smiling and chuckling.  I could picture so many things in my head.  I was transported to the book which I love.  I felt like I was a part of the story.

The best part - it is part of a series!!!! I am so excited!!!! But not until I watch the movie.  

Have you read the book?  Have you seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review: "Temptation Ridge" by Robyn Carr

Book Description:

At twenty-five, after five years as her mother's caregiver, it's time for Shelby to experience freedom and adventure. Time for travel, college and romance. But when she visits Virgin River, she runs into Luke Riordan, decidedly not whom she has in mind. — A handsome Blackhawk pilot, Luke exited the army after twenty years, four wars and having been shot out of the sky three times. At thirty-eight he's tough and jaded. His major was in one-night stands, with a minor in commitment avoidance.

Technically, these two are all wrong for one another. But sometimes what you want and what you need are two different things... two very good things.

 My thoughts:

This is book 6 in the "Virgin River" series.  I am really enjoying this series.  One of the things I like best is that most of the 'original' characters come back and are still a part of the story.  This one is no different.  She weaves in new characters into the story in such a way that they are not 'forced' upon you like other series I have read.  

I always tell people - if you like Debbie Macomber you will like Robyn Carr. =)

What are you reading?

Happy Reading 

Good to be back!

WHEW!!!  I am sorry I have been away - hope you are still with me.

Look for some new posts for me - I have some catching up to do.

Pre-back to school and back to school has me thrown for a loop. 

Happy Reading!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: What genre would you never read?

Book Blogger Hop time"> src="" alt="Book Blogger Hop" width="150" height="150" />

What genre would you never read?

I might not be the popular one after this question, but I would say historical , sci-fi, and paranormal.  My mom loves the historical - going back in time - I am not a history buff - give me something in the today time. =)

Sci-fi - just not into. =)
And Paranormal - not so much.  Just doesn't appeal to me.

How about you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunshine Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award from Stacy at Stacy Sews and Schools.  THANK YOU Stacy!!

So, Here are the rules:
1.  If you are nominated, you must blog a post linking back to the person/blog that nominated you.
2. You must answer some questions, nominate ten fellow bloggers and link their blogs to the post!
3. You should comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

So, here are the questions:
1. Who is your favorite philosopher?
Hmmm tough one.... don't have an answer

2. What is your favorite number?

3.   What is your favorite animal?
Cats, Frogs, and Penguins

4.    What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs?

I don't have one for my blog but my personal one is  Should I do a facebook for my blog too?

5. What is your favorite time of the day?

6. What was your favorite vacation?
Maine - my first vacation with my hubby when we were dating.  Or Hawaii - where we got married.

7. What is your favorite physical activity?

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Diet Coke

9. What is your favorite flower?

10. What is your passion?
My family.  I love to read also.

My ’10′ Blogger Nominees

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10.  Silver's Reviews


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Review: "Second Chance Pass" by Robyn Carr

Book Description:

In the space of a few months Vanessa buried her husband, Matt, and gave birth to their son- breaking her heart while filling it with a whole new kind of love. But the one man she longs to share this love with now acts if she doesn't exist. — Paul Haggerty lives by the marine motto: Semper Fi. Ever faithful to his best friend, he's done right by Matt's widow as best he can... considering he's been secretly in love with her for years. Now, just as he's about to make his move, another woman has staked her claim on him-a claim that will be tough to escape.

With courage, humility and not a little meddling from the good folks of Virgin River, Vanni and Paul might just get a second chance to have the love they both desire and deserve.

My thoughts:

This is the 5th installment of Robyn Carr's "Virgin River" series.  I will be honest and tell you that I didn't think I was going to like it.  I just had that feeling - I don't know if it was because of the storyline with the widow or not.  Not sure.  But I AM glad that I was wrong.  

I really enjoyed this book.  I love how the author brings back the main characters back and still incorporate the new characters they are introducing.  

This book had a lot of storylines going on, but she makes it work.  I guess if I were to have a complaint about it would be Mike and Brie didn't get enough page time.  Hopefully in this next one.

In this book and I have noticed with at least one others the 'main' story gets done and then they start building the premise for the next book.  I enjoyed it, so much that I decided to continue on the series right away and read the next one. =)

Happy Reading! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Blogger Hop Question: Who is your 'go to' author?

Book Blogger Hop Question Time:

Book Blogger Hop

Who is your go-to author when you are in a reading rut?

I will have to say it would be Janet Evanovich Robyn Carr, or Susan Mallery.   If I am in the mood for something light and funny I will grab a Stephanie Plum book and re-read it.  Or if I want a contemporary romance, I will grab Susan Mallery or Robyn Carr.  Both authors have a gift to take you to their stories and make you feel a part of it.  

What about you?  Who are your go-to authors?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Book Review: "A Home By The Sea"

Book Description:

Grace Lindstrom has followed her fiancĂ© across three continents, starry-eyed and full of dreams. But when he dies in a plane crash, Grace discovers that their life together was the cruelest kind of lie—and swears to never lose herself to that kind of love again. Until one night, when a chance encounter leads her to the kind of man she's always dreamed of—and the deep family ties she's never known.Noah McKay knows he can't offer Grace any kind of future—not when he spends every day putting his life on the line. But when Grace's grandfather suddenly falls ill and she's called home to the small island town where she grew up, he realizes he can't live without her. Aided by good knitting, good chocolate and deep friendship, Grace is slowly learning to trust again—but can she learn to love a man whose secrets run so deep.

I think this is the first time I have read anything by this author.  I know I have some books of hers on my TBR.  But this particular book I have been eyeing for awhile.  It turned out to be one of those books where when you are done you say "Why didn't I read this one sooner?"

Well I liked this book.  I liked how Grace and Noah got 'introduced' at the beginning of the story.  I really enjoyed the family ties with Noah and Grace.  Grace's friends were introduced and as I was reading it and was getting towards the end, I was wondering how they were going to end the book.  I was hoping to not be disappointed.  I wasn't it.  Especially when I noticed that there was going to be a sequel coming out in September. =)  I think if it wasn't for that I might have been a tad disappointed.

I am looking forward to the sequel and I am going to be moving more of her books up on my TBR pile as well. =)

Happy Reading! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Blogger Hop Time

Book Blogger Hop Time

Book Blogger Hop

When a book goes “viral” (Hunger Games, Fifty Shades, Twilight), do you rush out to read it like everyone else, even if it’s not in your typical genre?

My answer - No.  Do I read them eventually?  Sometimes. 

The two that I remember recently is "The Help" and "Fifty Shades of Gray".  I have read "The Help and am very glad I did.  I haven't read any of the "Fifty Shades" books yet, but I will .  

How about you?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Review: "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks

Book Description:

THE BEST OF ME is the heart-rending story of two small-town former high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks. Now middle-aged, they've taken wildly divergent paths, but neither has lived the life they imagined . . . and neither can forget the passionate first love that forever altered their world. When they are both called back to their hometown for the funeral of the mentor who once gave them shelter, they will be forced to confront the choices each has made, and ask whether love can truly rewrite the past.

My thoughts:

Another great book by Nicholas Sparks.  The passion between Amanda and Dawson was so real.  To hear the back story and then going to the present and back and forth helped the story.  It made it flow so much better.

The story flows great and then at the ending..... I won't spoil it but it came out of nowhere.  Again Mr. Sparks amazes me with his writing.  I am still working on a lot of the earlier writings, but so far I have enjoyed all that I have ready by him.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What’s the ONE super-hyped book you’ll NEVER read?

 Book Blogger Hop

Question of the week is:

I would say "The Hunger Games" and "Twilight" - just not too interested in them.

What about you?

Book Review: "Calico Joe"

Book Description:

Whatever happened to Calico Joe? — It began quietly enough with a pulled hamstring. The first baseman for the Cubs AAA affiliate in Wichita went down as he rounded third and headed for home. The next day, Jim Hickman, the first baseman for the Cubs, injured his back. The team suddenly needed someone to play first, so they reached down to their AA club in Midland, Texas, and called up a twenty-one-year-old named Joe Castle. He was the hottest player in AA and creating a buzz.

In the summer of 1973 Joe Castle was the boy wonder of baseball, the greatest rookie anyone had ever seen. The kid from Calico Rock, Arkansas dazzled Cub fans as he hit home run after home run, politely tipping his hat to the crowd as he shattered all rookie records.

Calico Joe quickly became the idol of every baseball fan in America, including Paul Tracey, the young son of a hard-partying and hard-throwing Mets pitcher. On the day that Warren Tracey finally faced Calico Joe, Paul was in the stands, rooting for his idol but also for his Dad. Then Warren threw a fastball that would change their lives forever…

In John Grisham’s new novel the baseball is thrilling, but it’s what happens off the field that makes CALICO JOE a classic.

My thoughts:

It has been a LONG time since I have read a John Grisham book.  I was a little burned out on law books, and lost touch of what he was writing.  I noticed a blurp on facebook from a friend that he really enjoyed it so I thought I would give it a try.

While reading it it brought back some memories of when I was a little girl.  My dad and I loved to watch baseball and I started collecting baseball cards.  I lost interest in baseball when he passed away when I was 11.  So right away I was enjoying it as it brought me back to my childhood - happy times.

I enjoyed the book.  I certainly did not have the relationship like the one Paul had with his father, and it was amazing at his feelings for his father.  But those feelings played out so much in the story.  I liked the back story then the current story.  Usually I get confused, but Mr. Grisham has a way of doing that so you as a reader do not get lost in the story.

If you are looking for a book that is not your normal genre of book (IE I love romance, cozies and mysteries) that give this one a try.  Or if you are a Grisham fan, you will surely love this one as well.

Happy Reading!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Library vs. TBR

I was still trying to figure out what to read next when I was at my local library picking up a book on hold for my 8 year old.  While waiting in line, I glanced at the "New Arrivals" and noticed a book I actually have on hold to read on my Kindle.  I went over and checked it out.

I am now reading "Calico Joe" by John Grisham.

But looking at my TBR I feel a little guilty about reading a book from the library when I have SO much on my TBR.  But TECHNICALLY this book was on my TBR - just on my Kindle.

Does this happen to you?

Happy Reading!

Monday, July 9, 2012

What to read next??

Do you ever feel like when you finish a great book (such as "The Familiar Stranger) it is hard to find another book to read?  Do I continue on a new series?  Do I start a new one?  What genre do I choose? 

Well momentarily (hopefully) I will reveal what book I am reading now. =)

Happy Reading!

Book Review: "The Familiar Stranger" by Christina Berry

The Familiar Stranger 

Book Description:

Craig Littleton's decision to end his marriage would shock his wife, Denise . . . if she knew what he was up to. When an accident lands Craig in the ICU, with fuzzy memories of his own life and plans, Denise rushes to his side, ready to care for him. They embark on a quest to help Craig remember who he is and, in the process, they discover dark secrets. An affair? An emptied bank account? A hidden identity? An illegitimate child? But what will she do when she realizes he's not the man she thought he was? Is this trauma a blessing in disguise, a chance for a fresh start? Or will his secrets destroy the life they built together?

My thoughts:

This book was one of the best books I have read in a very long time.  The plot, the characters, kept me wondering what was going to happen next.  It kept me wondering what was going to happen and how it would end.  I want to say so much, but I don't want to spoil it for you.  If you have the opportunity, please read this book.

I do have to admit the ending was left lacking.  It left me wanting more I guess if I have to put it into words.

Happy Reading!

Book Review: "A Virgin River Christmas" by Robyn Carr

A Virgin River Christmas

Book Description:

 Last Christmas Marcie Sullivan said a final goodbye to her husband, Bobby. This Christmas she's come to Virgin River to find the man who saved his life and gave her three more years to love him.Fellow marine Ian Buchanan dragged Bobby's shattered body onto a medical transport in Fallujah four years ago, then disappeared as soon as their unit arrived stateside. Since then, Marcie's letters to Ian have gone unanswered.Marcie tracks Ian to the tiny mountain town of Virgin River and finds a man as wounded emotionally as Bobby was physically. But she is not easily scared off. As Marcie pushes her way into his rugged and reclusive life, she discovers a sweet but damaged soul beneath a rough exterior.Ian doesn't know what to make of the determined young widow who forces him to look into the painful past and, what's worse, the uncertain future. But it is, after all, a season of miracles and maybe, just maybe, it's time to banish the ghosts and open his heart.

My thoughts:  This is the 4th in the series.  I wasn't sure I wanted to read it when I read the letter from the author.  In the letter she said it is a stand alone with a couple of appearances by the main characters.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am very particular when it comes to series.  I feel like I need to read them all - even the 'in between' books.  

So I gave it a chance.  I am glad I did.  Even though it was a stand alone book, it has the same great writing I love from the other books I have read by her.  I loved how Marcie was set in her mission and didn't give up.  The slow warming story of the two of them made it hard for me to put it down.  I hope we will hear an update or two from them in the future series. 

Happy Reading 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Followers...?

I would love more followers.  Any suggestions on how to get them? 

Maybe run a contest?

 Whispering Rock (Virgin River, Bk 3)

Book Review: "Whispering Rock" by Robyn Carr

Book Description:  The tightly knit community of Virgin River has been a safe haven for more than a few lost souls over the years--and there's always room for more... — A decorated U.S. Marine reservist, LAPD officer Mike Valenzuela was badly wounded in the line of duty, but has found hope and healing in Virgin River. When he agrees to become the town's first cop, he does so knowing it's time he settled down. Twice divorced and the lover of too many women, he secretly longs for the kind of commitment and happiness his marine buddies have found--a woman who can tie up his heart forever. He finds that woman in Brie Sheridan, a Sacramento prosecutor who understands his drive to protect and serve. Virgin River becomes a safe haven for Brie after nearly losing her life at the hands of a crazed criminal. Though tough and courageous, she's got some fears she can't escape--but now she has someone who will show her just what it means to trust again.

Mike will do anything to help Brie free herself from painful memories. Passionate, strong and gentle, he vows to give back to her what she's so selflessly given him--her heart, and with it, a new beginning.

My thoughts:  This is the third in the "Virgin River" series.  I will admit it has been awhile since I have read the first two in the series, but it took nothing at all to remember all the main characters.  

This series reminds me so much of Debbie Macomber's "Cedar Cove" Series with a little more 'heat' (not too much heat though.) =)  I loved that series and continue to love this series by Robyn Carr.

I loved the story between Brie and Mike -  the story has you rooting for the couple throughout.  I love how the author ties the main characters with the current story line.  I do have a question for those out there that have completed the series (there are many more in this series and I believe it still is going).  My question is does this continue - the main characters continue to be a part of the books?  

Highly recommend this series.  

Happy Reading! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Review: "Death by Panty Hose" by Laura Levine

Book Description:

Freelance writer Jaine Austen has never been able to resist the siren call of an Eskimo Pie, just like she can't resist renewing her romance with Andrew, an old crush. With her bank account hitting new lows, she's also just agreed to write jokes for Dorcas, a stand-up comic who throws her pantyhose into the audience as a punch line. — Not only is Dorcas's act a bomb, she is heckled by Vic, a gorgeous fellow comic. Naturally when Vic is murdered with Dorcas's pantyhose and that same Dorcas is standing over his dead body, the police arrest...Dorcas. They figure it's an open-and-shut case, although Jaine figures no killer can be that dumb.

But when Jaine sets out to find the real culprit, she is distracted by one dating disaster after another with Andrew -- and she may not see the dark side of comedy until she faces the business end of a gun and a cold, deadly grin...

Book 6 in the Jaine Austen series - another great book in the series. I couldn't put it down.  Jaine's antics remind me a lot of Stephanie Plum in the famous Janet Evanovich's series, but I don't mind.  It keeps me entertained in between her series.  

The characters I believe are well written - lots of smiles and laughing in this book.

As always I didn't guess who did it.  I am HORRIBLE at it.  

Happy Reading!!  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

"The PMS Murder" By Laura Levine - Book Review

The PMS Murder (Jaine Austin, No 5)
Book Description:
On the frontlines of the battle of the bulge, otherwise known as trying on bathing suits in the communal dressing room at Loehmann's, freelance writer Jaine Austen makes a new friend--a wannabe actress named Pam--and gets a new job: sprucing up Pam's bare-bones resume. Their feeling of connection is mutual, so Pam invites Jaine to join The PMS Club-a women's support group that meets once a week over guacamole and margaritas.

But joining the club proves to be more a curse than a blessing for Jaine. Though she is warned that Rochelle, the hostess, makes a guacamole to die for, Jaine never takes the warning literally. Until another PMS member, Marybeth, drops dead over a mouthful of the green stuff after confessing she is having an affair with Rochelle's husband.

While Rochelle and her husband are the obvious suspects, everyone at that night's meeting is under suspicion, including Jaine. So, instead of dishing dirt with The PMS Club, Jaine has to dig up dirt on the surviving members. And soon it becomes clear: someone in this club thinks getting away with murder should be a privilege of membership...
This is the 5th book in the series.  I have read the other 4 and have loved them.  This is a funny cozy series.  There are a couple of things that sort of annoy me about these books.  A couple of times throughout the book she will mention the other book titles and say "available at a store near you."  At first it was cute but it is kind of annoying.  Annoying enough to stop reading?  No.  These books make you smile and laugh at her antics.
I have #6 already on my TBR so I am reading that next.  I will continue on the series.  They are a nice quick read.
Happy reading!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Already Home" by Susan Mallery

Already Home
Book Description:
After nearly a decade as a sous-chef in a trendy eatery, Jenna is desperate for a change. She's supported her ex-husband's dreams for so long that she can't even remember her own. Until she sees a for-lease sign near her parents' home and envisions her very own cooking store. — Her crash course in business is aided by a streetwise store manager and Jenna's adoptive mother. But just as she's gaining a foothold in her new life, in walk her birth parents -- aging hippies on a quest to reconnect with their firstborn.

Now Jenna must figure out how to reconcile the free-spirited Serenity and Tom with her traditional parents, deal with her feelings for a new love interest and decide what to do about her ex's latest outrageous request. In the end, Jenna will find that there is no perfect family, only the people we love….
I am a  BIG fan of Susan Mallery's and this book didn't disappoint.  She is the type of author who just mesmorises you from Chapter 1.  This book was no exception.  I loved the characters and the story.  I think this book could have a sequel with more of Violet's story, but it is fine the way it is too. 
If you haven't tried Susan Mallery - she is a MUST read author!!
Happy Reading!