Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Followers...?

I would love more followers.  Any suggestions on how to get them? 

Maybe run a contest?


  1. Google Linky Parties and join. Then link up with Google searches... A contest is great idea, too.

  2. Also, create a FB page and add a follow by e-mail button. ;) And an RSS reader button. You should be able to see how to do that through your dashboard.

  3. I find that visiting and commenting on my favorite blogs helps. I found your blog this week-end when I was searching for reviews on a book I was reading (Marrying Daisy Bellamy). I noticed we read a lot of the same genres, and decided to follow your blog so I could find it again. So stop by anytime at my blogs I would love to hear from you.. You can find me at...