Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Beach Club" by Elin Hilderbrand

Book Description:

Gorgeous Nantucket is an island where memories are made, friendships begun, passions ignited. Now, during one unforgettable summer, the exclusive Nantucket Beach Club and Hotel will shape the fates of the men and women who walk through its doors...Mack Petersen escaped the past and started over in a hotel that has become his life. This summer his secrets can't stay hidden. Love O'Donnell, a glamorous Aspen native, takes a job at the Beach Club to implement her life plan--to find a man to get her pregnant. Vance Robbins has his African-American pride and festering resentments. This season, a gun and a woman offer him a chance to get even with the man he hates most. Cecily Elliott, the owner's daughter, wild and beautiful at eighteen, is about to do something to break her parents' hearts. And Lacey Gardner, the Grande Dame of the Beach Club for 45 years, knows about desperate desire--and about the storm coming that will change everything.The Beach Club, Elin Hilderbrand's first Nantucket novel--the one that started it all--is still the most satisfying read of the summer.

My thoughts:

This book started out slow for me.  I can't pinpoint it - maybe too much description - I don't know.  I just didn't want to read at all.  Or it could have been the mood I was in.  Not sure, but about 1/3 of the way into it I started to get more into it.  The characters were more developed and the story started to come around.  

I liked the description of Nantucket.  I would like to visit - couldn't afford The Beach Club though.  HA HA.  But it sounds like the beautiful place.

The ending - well - I can understand the ending - but at first I wasn't too thrilled with it.  It kind of left it open for another book if she wanted to.  I did read somewhere that this was her first book.  I can see that, as I have read one other book by her.  That book was "Nantucket Nights."  Unfortunately I didn't review it here, but I enjoyed it so much that I have been adding more to my TBR by this author.  =)  By the time I finish her books, as I think most if not all of them are based in Nantucket, I will go visit. =)

Happy Reading


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Book Review "The Lincoln Lawyer" By Michael Connelly

Book Description:

Mickey Haller has spent all his professional life afraid that he wouldn't recognize innocence if it stood right in front of him. But what he should have been on the watch for was evil.Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense pro who operates out of the backseat of his Lincoln Town Car, to defend the clients at the bottom of the legal food chain.

It's no wonder that he is despised by cops, prosecutors, and even some of his own clients. From bikers to con artists to drunk drivers and drug dealers, they're all on Mickey Haller's client list. But when a Beverly Hills rich boy is arrested for brutally beating a woman, Haller has his first high-paying client in years.

It's a franchise case and he's sure it will be a slam dunk in the courtroom. For once, he may be defending a client who is actually innocent. But an investigator is murdered for getting too close to the truth and Haller quickly discovers that his search for innocence has taken him face-to-face with a kind of evil as pure as a flame. To escape without being burned, Haller must use all of his skills to manipulate a system in which he no longer believes.

My thoughts:

I read a review for this book on Ann's Reading Corner. It looked intriguing.  It wasn't my 'typical' genre.  I checked it out from my local library and gave it a shot.

My first thought was it did start out slow.  But it picked up.  Then I couldn't put the book down.  I know there is a movie out from the book.  I have not seen it yet.  I hope to.  I kept picturing Matthew  McConaughey in this role.  I am not so sure that is a good role.  But I am probably wrong.  We will see.  I might post about it after I watch the movie.

Back to the review. =)  I liked the character Mickey Haller.  His relationship with his ex-wife's had me smiling and chuckling.  I could picture so many things in my head.  I was transported to the book which I love.  I felt like I was a part of the story.

The best part - it is part of a series!!!! I am so excited!!!! But not until I watch the movie.  

Have you read the book?  Have you seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review: "Temptation Ridge" by Robyn Carr

Book Description:

At twenty-five, after five years as her mother's caregiver, it's time for Shelby to experience freedom and adventure. Time for travel, college and romance. But when she visits Virgin River, she runs into Luke Riordan, decidedly not whom she has in mind. — A handsome Blackhawk pilot, Luke exited the army after twenty years, four wars and having been shot out of the sky three times. At thirty-eight he's tough and jaded. His major was in one-night stands, with a minor in commitment avoidance.

Technically, these two are all wrong for one another. But sometimes what you want and what you need are two different things... two very good things.

 My thoughts:

This is book 6 in the "Virgin River" series.  I am really enjoying this series.  One of the things I like best is that most of the 'original' characters come back and are still a part of the story.  This one is no different.  She weaves in new characters into the story in such a way that they are not 'forced' upon you like other series I have read.  

I always tell people - if you like Debbie Macomber you will like Robyn Carr. =)

What are you reading?

Happy Reading 

Good to be back!

WHEW!!!  I am sorry I have been away - hope you are still with me.

Look for some new posts for me - I have some catching up to do.

Pre-back to school and back to school has me thrown for a loop. 

Happy Reading!