Monday, November 19, 2012

Book Review: "Cake on a Hot Tin Roof"

Book Description:

Pastry chef Rita Lucero's Mardi Gras party turns funereal when one of her guests is found dead after a public fight with her uncle -- leaving Rita no choice but to find the real killer and clear her uncle's name...  

My thoughts:

Not much of a description huh?  LOL!!  Well this is the second in the series and when I started to read this book, I realized this.  Well when I was done with this book, I went to take the first one off my TBR shelf only to realize I read it a year ago!!  It wasn't that memorable.  I didn'r really care for the first book.  But my review on Paperback Swap said I was willing to give the second one a shot, so that must be why I had the second one on my shelf .  Oh boy!

On with my review.  I liked this one a lot better than apparently I liked the first one.  This book was hard to put down.  I really enjoyed the mingling of the characters and the storyline.  It wasn't one of those cozies where you are laughing throughout, but it was a nice book.  I can't say it was a highly favorite book either, but I will continue to read the series.  

Happy Reading!

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