Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Review: "Bubbles Unbound" by Sarah Strohmeyer

Book Review: "Bubbles Unbound" by Sarah Strohmeyer

Book Description:
Meet Bubbles Yablonsky, beautician -- reporter -- sleuth, and blazing star of Strohmeyer's entertaining, establishment-bashing debut as a mystery writer.

Like the mills that gird the book's seen-better-days steel town of Lehigh, Pa., the city is itself a seething cauldron. Battle lines are sharply drawn between the haves and have-nots. Bubbles is hell-bent on getting even with the overlords, especially her former husband, a heel who has gone over to the other side. Opportunity knocks when Bubbles incriminates a wealthy socialite in a brutal murder and then uncovers a murky past, where corpses are littered around the accused's steel-magnate husband.

The going is never easy, as Bubbles faces more perils than Pauline: falling off a bridge in the arms of a potential suicide; dodging drive-by gunmen and car bombers; being handcuffed and fitted for cement boots; and always searching for a better way to display her cleavage. Armed with her certificate from Two Guys Community College, abetted by a quirky array of social castoffs and fueled by Doritos, Velveeta and Diet Pepsi, Bubbles overcomes every obstacle on her way to shaking the foundations of the corporate world and, in the process, leaving more than a few wrinkles in her ex's tailored Brooks Brothers suits. Hop in the Camaro and buckle up: Bubbles is behind the wheel, and a wild ride awaits.

This series was recommended by a fellow blogger and I am finally getting around to starting to read it. This series is another one of those "I can't believe I waited so long to read this!!" Again, if you like Stephanie Plum, you will like this book (maybe even more than the previous review - Hannah Swensen). I laughed in many places in this book. I could even picture a few of the characters if this were ever to make a movie. What a great start to the series. Check it out!!

Happy Reading!

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