Sunday, January 2, 2011

"The Sassy One" by Susan Mallery

"The Sassy One" by Susan Mallery

Book Description:

Francesca Marcelli married at eighteen -- right on schedule, according to her warm, colorful family, who have always said a beauty like Francesca need never worry about finding love. But a few years later, finding herself on her own with a wide open future ahead of her, she pursues her educational passions -- with a risky experiment that takes her straight into the arms of playboy CEO Sam Reese. Delighted by Francesca's interest in a no-strings relationship, Sam suddenly finds himself needing her outside the bedroom when a secret from his past lands on his doorstep. But Francesca soon has a secret of her own to tell -- a bombshell that will force the diehard bachelor to show his true colors. Are there "I do"s in Sam and Francesca's future? Only if she can persuade him that home truly is where the heart finds happiness.

This is the second in the Marcelli sister triology. The first one I couldn't put down. This one didn't disappoint either. Loved it. I highly recommend this book.

5 stars!!!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Thank you, Patti! I'm so glad you enjoyed THE SASSY ONE!