Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book Review: "Allergic to Death" by Peg Cochran

Book Description:

Preparing calorie-conscious meals for the dieters of Woodstone, Connecticut, Gigi Fitzgerald knows a cheater when she sees one. And when murder is on the menu, she's ready to get the skinny on whodunit ... — Business is looking up for Gigi's Gourmet De-Lite, thanks to her newest client, restaurant reviewer Martha Bernhardt. Martha has the clout to put Gigi's personal meal plans on everyone's lips. But instead of dropping a few pounds, Martha drops dead from a severe peanut allergy ... right after eating one of Gigi's signature dishes.a

When the distractingly debonair Detective Mertz identifies traces of peanut oil in Martha's last meal, Gigi suddenly finds her diet catering business on the chopping block. Now she'll have to track down who tampered with her recipe before her own goose is cooked. Includes delicious -- and healthy -- recipes.

My thoughts:

This is a new author to me and a new series for the author.  It was time for a cozy again so I thought I would give this new one a try. 

I liked the background where Gigi prepares low calorie meals for people - sounds interesting.  It has the typical cozy plot so no surprises there. 

One thing about cozies and maybe it is just me but I usually don't have a clue who 'dunnit'.  =)  And I like it that way.  That might be me.  If I figure it out - kudos to me.  If not, I am usually surprised.

This book did hae some surprises in it. All in all it was a good book.  I will read the next one in the series. 

Happy Reading!

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