Sunday, May 5, 2013

Book Review: "Foxy Roxy" by Nancy Martin

Book Description:

Big truck, big dog, big hair. Bad attitude. — Roxy Abruzzo, bestseller Nancy Martin's latest creation, is the sexy, streetwise niece of a Pittsburgh crime boss, and she’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow . . . most of the time. But now and then temptation is just too much for hot-blooded Roxy. As she prowls the mean streets looking for architectural treasures, she can't help swiping an ancient Greek statue that's not exactly hers. Then the statue's owner, heir to a billion-dollar steel fortune, gets himself killed, and the police investigation sweeps Roxy into a mess that requires all of her wits and wiles to escape. All this plus a dotty grand dame, a slippery lawyer, and an avaricious socialite or two makes for a lethal combination of danger and desperation -- with Roxy in the middle.

My thoughts:

I think this is a first author for me.  I did NOT like this book at all.  I read about four chapters and called it good.  The writing, characters, storyline - couldn't get into. 

Would not recommend this book.  I thought it would be funny and interesting like Stephanie Plum, like it said on the cover - WRONG!!!

Zero stars!!

Happy Reading!!

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