Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book Review: "Summer of Two Wishes" by Julia London

Book Review: "Summer of Two Wishes" by Julia London
Book Description:
Whose wife was she?
Macy Lockhart's life shattered in a moment with the news that her husband, Finn — serving in the military overseas — has been killed in the line of duty. Their ardent and devoted marriage is over, leaving Macy alone, empty, directionless. But while she tries to sustain herself with memories of Finn, the quiet, strong man who made her and their small Texas ranch the center of his life, it is wealthy Wyatt Clark who slowly brings joy back into her life. Her love for Wyatt may be less romantic than the breathless passion she'd once shared with Finn, but she vows to cherish him, and their marriage is happy and as solid as a rock. Until the day that Finn, miraculously spared from death, returns home to claim his bride....
How can a woman choose between the two men she loves? And how will she make the right choice — for herself and everyone involved? In a deeply moving, passionate novel, New York Times bestselling author Julia London illuminates the questions hidden in a woman's heart.
Julia London is well known for her historical novels, which I normally don't read, so I was excited to see this contemporary novel at my local store. Boy am I glad I picked this book up. I couldn't put this book down. I felt I was a part of the story that I could connect with the main character Macy, even though I have never been and hope I am never in her situation. The twists and turns in the story just had me hooked. If you get a chance to pick this book up, do so. I even emailed the author to tell her how much I enjoyed her contemporary novel and to hope she would continue to write them. She did respond to me and that she will be coming out with another contemporary novel with some of the same characters. I am excited and Ms. London has a new fan!!

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