Sunday, February 24, 2013

Book Review: "Buried in a Book" by Lucy Arlington

Book Description:

After losing her job as a journalist at the age of forty-five, Lila Wilkins accepts an internship at A Novel Idea, a thriving literary agency in North Carolina. Being paid to read seems perfect to Lila, although it's difficult with the cast of quirky co-workers and piles of query letters. But when a penniless aspiring author drops dead in the agency's waiting room -- and Lila discovers a series of threatening letters -- she's determined to find out who wrote him off.

My thoughts:

Lucy Arlington is a team of authors Ellery Adams and Sylvia May.  I have a couple of books by Ellery Adams on my TBR shelf, but not Sylvia May.  So this is a new author to me all around.

This is the first in a series (Novel Idea).  It starts out with Lisa accepting a job as an intern after losing her job at a newspaper.  There she is thrown into a mystery murder of a homeless aspiring author. 

It had the typical cozy outline - heroine has a crush on cop as well as another male in the story.  This character though I didn't enjoy the fact that she was so quick to accuse everyone.  It was borderline annoying.

I hope the next in the next book she will have have more development. 

I did enjoy this book and will continue to read.  It was a nice quick read and it was hard to put down.  I am looking forward to seeing more of the "ZACH attach" ( you will have to read it to understand) and more of the developing romance. =)

Happy Reading!!

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