Saturday, June 22, 2013

Book Review: "The Accidental Bride" by Christina Skye

Book Description:

Love can find you in the most unlikely of places...   — When her friends order her to take a vacation, celebrity chef Jilly O'Hara is skeptical. She may be overwhelmed by her sudden success, but a trip to the mountains is not her idea of fun. Especially when a snowstorm forces her to fill in for an absentee bride in a lavish television wedding taking place at the resort. But then the ruggedly handsome make-believe groom arrives....

Walker Hale has kept to himself since his return from active duty -- but the next thing he knows, he's reluctantly playing along with the wedding charade. Even this jaded loner isn't immune to Jilly's quirky charm...or her beauty. But Jilly has to return home to Summer Island, leaving Walker to decide if the feelings between them were something more than pretend.

This is the second book in the "Summer Island" series.  Her first being "A Home By the Sea."  I loved that book and I loved this one as well.  This one focused on Jilly.  She is a workaholic who is forced to take a break and relook at her life due to a medical circumstance.  There were plenty of times I was smiling while reading and it was definitely one of those 'can't put down' books. 

This is a great series.  I am loving all the contemporary books I have read by her.  I am not a historical reader, but she also writes those. 

I highly recommend this author and series.

Happy Reading!!

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