Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Review: "Only Yours" by Susan Mallery

Book Description:

Montana Hendrix has found her calling -- working with therapy dogs.  With a career she loves in a hometown she adores, she's finally ready to look for her own happily ever after.  Could one of her dogs help her find Mr. Right... or maybe Dr. Right?   — Surgeon Simon Bradley prefers the sterility of the hospital to the messiness of real life, especially when real life includes an accident-prone mutt and a woman whose kisses make him want what he knows he can't have.  Scarred since childhood, he avoids emotional entanglement by moving from place to place to heal children who need his skillful touch.

Can his growing feelings for Montana lead him to find a home in Fool's Gold, or will he walk away, taking her broken heart with him?

This is book 5 in the "Fool's Gold" series.  I was a dork =) and lost this book in my TBR and instead of just getting it from the library or one through, I just kept putting it off, thinking that I would just miraculously find it.

Well, yes I was a dork because I love love love this series!!  I LOVE Susan Mallery's books.  I couldn't put this book down!! 

This book focused on triplet Montana Hendrix.  She works with therapy dogs.  When one of her therapy dogs in training got loose in a hospital, she runs into a very arrogant doctor.  Well sparks flew.  But not in the ordinary romance book way.   I loved how Simon's history and his work with the children brought more light in the story.  I loved the chemistry with the two - so much that I had to pick up the next book next!!!

Happy Reading!

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